An Intro to Foodventure

Hello my fellow wanderlusters! My name is Adrienne, and I LOVE to travel any chance I get. I grew up with a family that traveled for fun and work, so the need to traverse this earth is ingrained in my being. I am a Filipino-Hawaiian girl that grew up in the multicultural mecca of Los Angeles, one of the great food towns of the world.  Growing up, I was exposed to all types of different ethnic food through family gatherings, travel and exploring the delicious restaurants that Los Angeles has to offer. Essentially, I was a foodie before being a foodie was a thing.

I am the co-host of the Plus Size Traveler Podcast (formerly The Plus Sized Globetrotter Podcast) with my co-host Lauren and I originally shared this intro on her blog.  I had written a few foodventure entries for Lauren’s blog as a guest contributor but recently with the recent death of Anthony Bourdain, the original foodventurer, I am inspired to start my own blog.

I am a curvy, Torrid size 20 marketing director in Los Angeles and I’m always planning my next foodventure. My travel motivations (in no particular order of importance) are history, architecture, literary or geek pop culture significance and of course, you guessed it:  FOOD. I’m a bit of a food snob, I try and avoid chain restaurants, most fast-food (I do have a few exceptions like McDonalds fries) and would rather starve than waste calories on a bad meal. I’m not saying that the food has to be expensive; it just has to be good.  In fact, my favorite thing to eat while traveling is the local street food offerings.  That being said, I do a lot of research and gridding out my travels prior to arrival.

What is a foodventure you may ask? It’s incorporating the most well-known or unique food that a destination has to offer in addition to any historical and tourist stops during your trip. How do I plan my trips? Through a mixture of travel and foodie television shows on the Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Vice, CNN, PBS, Netflix and YouTube. In addition to TV, I am an Expedia Gold Member and also use TripAdvisor, Huffington Post, 10Best, Eater, Thrillist, BuzzFeed, TimeOut and Yelp to help grid out my stops. I listen to a ton of different travel podcasts depending on where I’m planning on going which inspired my friend Lauren and I to launch the Plus Size Traveler Podcast in February 2018, the first dedicated podcast for travelers of size.

I look forward to sharing my foodventures with you and hope to help you on your next delicious destination!


Kuromon Ichiban Market in Osaka, Japan

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